Demo theme - no graphic and css loading

Hi there,

I tried to install ZAP theme with the demo. I went through an instalation successfully, but if I load the page in browser, it takes long long time and there are no graphics and no styling, just plain text.

I checked the code and I am not able to open anything in folder sites (no css, no js, no image ...).

Please, would you mind helping me with that issue?

Webpage address:

Thank you in advance,


Hi Martin,

Please update the tmp folder under http://YOUR-DOMAIN/admin/config/media/file-system



thanks for the prompt answer. I have no path and folders like that there. I have tried to create them but unfortunately nothing happened :-(

Maybe I've been doing that wrongly.


Hi all,

finally solved. Folders' rights needed to be changed.

Thanks for help :-)

that's a good thing. 2048