Default Path of Block Animation Images

Hi, In Drupalexp Block Settings I have uploaded Background Images for different blocks. I would like to reuse my uploaded Background Images with other blocks. If I upload an image, its gets stored as expected in the Public file system path "sites/default/files". When I want to reuse the same image in a different block and click the "Select Media" button in the Block Animation area, I do not see any of my uploaded images. It looks like the default path being used by DrupalExp for displaying the Library images is "sites/default/files/styles/medium_blog/public". Is it possible to change the Library default path in the DrupalExp Framework for selecting media to my Public files system path "sites/default/files"? If yes, how can I make this change? I am using Media 7.x-1-4 and JQuery 1.7 Thanks

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