In the middle of the contact form is a "shoot" logo. How do you change that?  I see in the editor how to change the logo for the popup comapny information but not the original logo located at teh address on the map.

I’m answering my own question: To be safe, I used both methods

I changed the logo here and it works. By uploading the image.


Another way was to go to Appearance > Settings of Template > Drupal Core > Logo Image Settings > Path to custom logo.

Shortcut to Icon Settings > Path to custom icon

I have the same problem here. Can`t find any way to change this logo inside the google map.

Have you already found a way?




To change the logo google map
You do the following
From the admin menu: Structure-> Block:
Select Block the Google Maps: -> Click the configure
And you change the path of the image!

Thank you for the advice but this doesn't change the logo i am asking about. The logo I want changed is the logo that is in the middle of the map showing the location. When you click on that logo a pop up screen show up with the logo (you are talking about ) with the company info. Please see my posted screen grab and if you can off further advice i would appreicate it. #1 is what i want changed and #2 is what gets changed in your approach.

Thanks agian.

Thank you everyone for your comments however I already tried all of these options. The site logo doesn't change it, the favicon doesn't seem to change it, editing the image in the block doesn't change it. Pleass see the attached image and if anyone can offer advice please let me know.


Hello Moto, if you haven't figured it out yet I have the solutions. I sent in the request via a support ticket an they said

"With this version, please change marker icon in shortcode--maps.tpl.php file (under themes/shoot/templates/shortcode folder)"

hope this helps

Go to /sites/all/themes/shoot/templates/shortcode/shortcode-maps.tpl.php look for the "icon:" variable and change it to where you have your marker icon. Make sure you clear the cache to see the changes.