Conflict with dexp_image_browser in theme only install

Hello -

There seems to be two instances of dexp_image_browser in the modules that support this theme.

One is listed as version 1.1 and the other is 1.5. They both have different modules that depend on them. For example, the dexp_page_settings and the DrupalExp Setting Benz requires one version and some other modules require the other. If I turn on both modules, there's a conflict that causes a 500 error. Here's a screen shot of the admin panel showing this:


We are sorry for the mistake. Please remove the version 1.1 in modules/drupalexp/modules folder.



So in look into this further, the theme only install of this has two image browser modules. There is one in the contrib directory and one in the drupalexp directory.

I removed the 1.1 version which was in the drupalexp folder but a couple of the modules (page settings and benz settings) were looking for dxp_image_browser and the others were looking for image_browser as dependencies. i simply changed the machine name of the image_browser module and everything seems to be good.

Thank you for your update, I will check and update the theme soon.


Yeah - You do good work and I appreciate it.

I mispoke in my previous post. I just changed the dependency in the two said modules and everything is good.