Is there a way to make the menu on the mobile devices collapsible?
The menu on mobile is collapsible aready.co7ld you explan more detail about thw issue or take a picture? Thank you!
Hello and thanks for responding. I may not know the exact terminology but here it goes. In Evolve (shown left side of my attachment) has one long list for menus. It doesn't indent or collapse at all. It even goes off the screen and when trying to scroll you hit the menu item itself. I would like it to collapse to only show the main menu items and then have a drop down for the secondary menu items. The perfect example is what you did in the Jolly theme. You can see it on right side of my attachment.
I was wondering if this is possible. Being that is in other themes I can only assume that it is either available for evolve, can easily be done, or possibly a customization. Thanks
Hello Park, Please send your FTP infor to [email protected]. We will help you fix the menu issue on mobile. NOTE: Attach link forum when you send mail which we can who is person. Thank you.

I also have the same issue. Menu is fine on wide (desktop) screens. However, On mobile, all sub-menus are shown as expanded.

Any suggestions?

Hi all,

Ware sorry for late replace. Please get attached file to replace the old ones on your server following:

1. replace mainmenu.less under \sites\all\themes\evolve\lessc

2. replace dexp_menu folder under \sites\all\modules\drupalexp\modules



I have the same issue in mobile menu - all item expanded, no arrows shown. It would be great to have only main menu shown, the same as on desktop, then arrows to expand. Please send me the attahced updates as mentioned in the above reply. Thanks!