I added shipping and payment options to the checkout flow and find that the styling is a bit off. I've been looking for where to change it, but am having trouble. Specifically, any checkboxes or radio buttons are placed in the middle of the screen while the label is left justified. The checkbox or radio button is also higher up by a few pixels. I'd just like to bring the checkbox/radio button inline either before or just after the label. Could you please point me in the right direction for making this change?
Give us your site. We will send stylesheet to you
@lehoa85, thanks! That's so helpful :) You can start the checkout flow here: http://dev.firstchairacoustics.com/en/products/sb201-english-test Thanks again, Sam
Hi lehoa85, any update on the style sheet modifications? Thanks so much, Sam
Hi Sam, It seems that link is no longer. 404 not Found error. Please check Thank you.
I styled it myself, thanks.
Sorry, was working on this today. The link changed to dev.firstchairacoustics.com/en/products/sb201-english Thanks, Sam

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