Changing default text colour

Hey, one of the default text colours for the theme is a medium grey. You'll find it on the page below, in the menu, and several other places. It's posing an issue for senior folk. How can I change this?
Hello, Look like you have changed the presets and set color to #AAAAAA. Please check your preset settings. Thank you.
Actually no, the colour is #000000. I DID check my preset settings. And for some reason, the links are a bright yellow.. I have attached a screenshot of my preset settings.
here is another example of the light grey text. On most displays, it's hard to read. How do I change that????
Hello, Please send your site info (admin account and ftp account) to our support staff via email [email protected]. we will help to check and fix it. Thank you.
Nevermind.. I just edited the stylesheet-preset file..
its also doesn't work for me with SHOOT theme, I can change only name of original presets (dark, white) to another, but not colors.

Hi, just wondering how to change the hover colour of the menu.




Very helpful post. I got know a lot about color mediums through this website. Also, is my top pick always.