Hi, We've got somes difficults to manage the template and the drupal in the same time. I read your documentation but it do not explain how to use you theme. For example, I want to change the home page, the title in this case. Were shoud I go to change it ? In the "appareance" menu ? Or in the "views" page ? I hope you will accept to help me, its my first drupal site. Best regards. Website : write-and-read.com / write-and-read.fr PS : As a proud french, my english is a little strange. I hope you will excuse me.
Basically, the theme works similar to any other drupal themes. If you have knowledge about drupal, I you can custom our theme very easy. We cannot explain everything in the document. So please start to custom the theme first, if you have anything need to get understand or need our help, please feel free to contact us here or via email [email protected] Thanks!
Hello, To change front page, go to Configuration >> System >> Site information and input path you want to set to home page into Default front page text field Thank you.