Hi! Is it possible to change the behavior of the main menu's drop downs? I don't like the "jumpiness" of the drop down - it is as if they first go down and then up a few pixels. It seems that most of your themes have this behavior, but not the Riche themer. So I would like the drop downs to behave more like the drop downs in the Richer theme - but possibly even smother. Where can I change this behavior? Best
Hello Ben, Sorry for late reply. You can modify the style on mainmenu.less (sites/all/themes/jollyness/less). Also, we are going to update menu by adding megamenu in this week. Please wait Thanks,

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I have a cursor next to it and tried to place a dropdown menu instead of clicking, but that doesn't seem to work. I'm using a module that uses Bootstrap 4. This is how you do it. Drop-down menu items are animated using a drop-down list with a small triangle to the left. I want to convert it to a flat top slider (or simple slide) with no animation. Where can I change this setting? read more

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