can't install the profile ""

Hi, I want to install the profile "drupalexp_shoot_commerce". And according to the documentation, I upload the profile folder "drupalexp_shoot_commerce" to the "drupal directory"/profiles/ , and try to install the drupal 7. But I don't get the option to choose this profile. I can choose "minimal" and "standard" only. Please help! My Drupal version is: 7.30 Thanks!
hi, I have covered the previous problem, but get another one. Please check the attachment and give me advise, thanks!
I have searched the Internet and tried several solutions, include: 1. Add "max_allowed_packet = 16M" to 100M/128M/512M 2. Add "ini_set('memory_limit', '1280M');' "ini_set('max_execution_time', 200);" to php.ini Attached is mysql error.log, please check.
In additional to the procedures did previously, I created a 1G swap for buffer. And the installation proceed successfully.
Thank you for your choosing our product and thank you for your reporting. Cheers.
Hi Stone, How you cover the problems? Can advice? I install the profile "drupalexp_shoot_commerce" but with normal drupal 7 installation, but I can't see the profile...
Hello jasper You copy folder drupalexp_shoot_commerce in packages/profiles folder to your drupal profiles folder before installing. If NOT, you can't see this profile when installing. About issue above, it's mysql config, just increase max_allowed_packet to avoid Mysql gone away Thank you