Can't import demo data on Medico theme


It wouldn't let me set up a new ticket, the Item field has a * next to it but the dropdown list is empty so it wouldn't let me send it. I can't see a folder for the Medico Wordpress theme so I thought I'd post the message here.

I'm really struggling to import the demo data on the Medico Wordpress theme. It won't let me use the one click importer on the theme options. It comes up with a message saying:

Your server don't have permission read options file. Theme options isn't imported

Your server don't have permission read widgets setting file. Widgets setting isn't imported


It then says it's imported (I get the theme options wouldn't work or the widgets, but it doesn't even import any pages). I then tried to import the sample date xml files individually but every time I try to import one it says says Failed to import....

Can you help, what am I doing wrong?

Best Regards,



I have the same problem.

Same, error cmssuperheroes/includes/cms_dummy.php on line 131

Same issue ... just purchased the theme & installed. Getting the same error. Tried importing demo content manually, and that also did not work. Site looks nothing like demo.



Hello, I have creat video install demo content manually. Please see