Cannot display image in servicebox


I have cut/pasted the content from "Palas Services 4 - Service Box" into a user08 block. It does not display the images - everything else looks fine.

I have enabled all shortcut checkboxes.

Is there a class that need to be set somewhere?



Hello walkern,

It seems had problem when you cut/paste. Please view Source in editor of "Palas Services 4 - Service Box" and copy them.

If you still have problem, pls open a ticket with your site URL + admin account. I will help you correct it.

Thank you.


I found the problem - I had to change the filter processing order in the text formats configuration menu.



Hello Nick,

Thanks for your reporting. If you love the Palas theme and our services. Could you rate 5 stars for this theme on themeforest. It will help us so much. 

Just go to and rate

We are very appreciate if you do this :)

Thank you