1. Menu on Ipad does not work

I bought now this theme and installed it (full installation) on my server and did some tests. I found one serious problem: The menu on ipad (vertical view) most of time does not work: I try to click on sub-menus and most of the time the page is not loaded. Beside this, the sub-menus on ipad are very user-unfriendly and can hardly be clicked on. Furthermore, on ipad, the “busy loading symbol” is show endless, seems like the page is never fully loaded.

I did some research in comments on your theme and found that other users reported the Ipad problem for other themes of you before.

So I have two questions

1. Could you please verify this bug on Ipad and fix it within short time? Like this, the theme cannot be used

2. Reading comments to other themes of you, you are aware of this problem. So I wonder, why you do not change it? Are you hoping that buyers do not test on ipad, but only on PC? Are you just create one theme after the other? Why don’t you take e.g. the mega menu you find on drupal.org, which is proved to work fine and is user friendly?


2. Bugs on Full Demo Installation

When I open e.g. your node “Sententiae delicatissimi”, then I see this error:

Notice: Undefined index: comment_node_dexp_portfolio_form in drupal_retrieve_form() (line 806 of….

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘comment_node_dexp_portfolio_form’ not found or invalid function name in drupal_retrieve_form() (line 841…..

In the content overview list the column for node type is empty for this node (and many others).


3. Question EM Field

You are using the module emfield. In which node did you use the emfield?


4. Custom Installation - Bug video.js

I made now a custom installation according your instructions. In the drupal reports section I get this error: Missing the Video.js library. Please download Video.js (link is external) and extract it into the sites/all/libraries/video-js directory.

I have seen that this error was reported on July 2014 (!!) by another user already: http://support.drupalexp.com/forum/videojs-missing

Is it really possible that you do not fix your bugs?

And what must I do to make it run?


5. Media field / multimedia asset—outdates since 2 years You are using a media field. The field type is named “multimedia asset (deprecated)” I did a search and found this: https://www.drupal.org/node/1898590. It looks like this media type is deprecatd since 2 years. Why are you using it in a new theme?

6. Media file and image field? Why do you use image field and media selector? What is the field_image for?

7. Links in documentation do not work example: http://demo.themesvision.com/drupal/Corposs/portfolio

8. Why is 5star rating and voting api needed to activate dexp_corposs This does not make really sense, I don’t want these modules, but must activate it in order to use your module with drupexp views

9. Overview of what changes the activation of corposs makes

When your module is activated, then several things are changed. E.g. node types created, adding fields to existing nodes etc. Is there an overview what happens?

10. Google Fonts cannot be deactivated

I am not using google fonts, however somewhere in your code you use google fonts and make calls to google. How to disable that?


no answer?


1. Please download dexp_menu in attachment and update it, we have improve menu on touch screen (ipad, iphone).

2. Problem only occur when you update drupal core to 7.36. But now version 7.37 was released with that issue resolved, so you just need to update drupal core again.

3. Media field is using by article content type. You can check list files by go Report => Field List.

4. Please download video-js.zip file, unzip it and upload to libarires folder.

5. I don't understand what you mean in this point, but we have update all modules latest version. There is maybe have issue with module, but it's contribute module and we can not modify it's core.

6. Image Field is default in Drupal, we don't want to remove it because some users are using theme on an exitsings site.

7. Sorry for it, we have move all demos to drupalexp.com domain. We will correct the document in next update time.

8. dexp_corposs module is only use for profile installation. We make it use features modules, and it auto add dependencies modules. If you are using full demo install method, you can ignore it.

9. For now, i don't have other option. For example, with profolio page, we need to have Portfolio content type created with image field...

10. I have send you the theme update with google font removed in ticket.

Thank you



about 8: I did a manual installation, no profile installation. And in order to use your dexp_views I must enable dexp_corposs. And dexp_corposs depents on the voting and rating module, which does not make sense.


about 9: I am asking about documentation. documentation means: When you enable dexp_corposs THEN

- we create node type XY

- we add field fXY to node article




about 5: You are using an deprecated field (it is even written in GUI that it is deprecated, take a look)


It's contrib module, so i think we need to waiting for update from drupal.org.

what is contrib module? My point is, that you use it the wrong way. Please read what I have written!