Bug report: DrupalExp menu doesn't show

We just purchased the theme on ThemeForest. Tried to install (following the installation instructions/documentation). First tried to replicate the demo install (difficult due to no comprehensive documentation, some errors in the packaging, no sample SQL file). The DrupalExp menu never showed up, even though the Layer Slider menu did. Then I installed the profile install into a MAMP sandbox. There the DrupalExp configuration menu appeared! I tried to debug the demo install but then i realized the difference with the fresh MAMP install: on MAMP I was logged in with UID 1. Under the demo install, i was logged in as UID 2. When i logged out and logged back in as the main admin user account, the DrupalExp menu showed up! That after about 2 hours of debugging and hair pulling! Please fix for the sake of your paying customers. Thank you. (P.S. Would you want to trade another theme for a the services of a native English-speaker rewriting your documentation?​)smiley