Hi I'm trying to translate into 3 languages but the block-subtitle is not translatable, I added this to the hook form alter: $form['settings']['dexp_block_subtitle'] = array( '#type' => 'textarea', '#title' => t('Block subtitle'), '#description' => t('Block subtitle'), '#weight' => 0, -> '#translatable' => TRUE, '#default_value' => _dexp_animation_variable_get($form['module']['#value'], $form['delta']['#value'], 'dexp_block_subtitle'), But it still doesn't show up in string translation Is there a way to do this? Thanks
Hello, In newest version of Drupal, the block title field has been increased from 64 to 255 chars. So, we have removed block subtitle field then add it as a part of Block title in format TITLE~subtitle and you can translate it easy. Thank you.