Basic setting of the theme (colors and text)

Hey guys, great work with the theme right there! Love it!. My next question is actually comprised of two questions:

question 1:

When I bought the theme I understood there are 2 fundamental\basic color styles for the theme: dark, and light. Moreover, while the theme in my own site is natively light, the live example I can see here, seems dark:

How can I acheive that im my site?

question 2:

What is your secert with typography? my headings are very different? Do you have a recommendation for a free web-safe font I could use with Hebrew? And what font-sizes do you use for h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p? Please allow me to know the secret blush

Blessings, Ben,


1. Exception theme has 24 presets. 12 first presets is White version and last 12 presets is for Dark version. To use Dark sersion you can choose one of last 12 presets in theme settings page.

2. You can found list of classes in Document under "CSS classes using in Exception theme" section.!/classes_css

Thank you.