Could you guys list the changes (including a changelog would be ideal) you've made to the files in your release of August 4th, so I can update without breaking my customizations? I should have used a subtheme, but I wasn't thinking. -Simplicit

Hello Simplicit,

This is list of files need to update in latest update (Aug 4, 2015):

  1. sites/all/themes/pressa/lessc/styles.less (update)
  2. sites/all/themes/pressa/lessc/webform.less (new file)
  3. sites/all/modules/drupalexp/modules/dexp_layerslider (update)

Thank you.

Really helpful to get this list, to save overwriting dozens of MBs of files which are the same! Thanks. Please always publish a list of updated files when pushing out an update.