Hi It seems that the Article template is removing html-tags. In edit mode, e.g. a href-tag is visible, but when i publish and view the page as a visitor, the content is only plain text. I want to activate html tags, how do I do? Thanks Johan
Have you select FULL HTML text format and switch to "Source" mode before put html tags? Cheers.
Hi Jimmy Yes, i think so. See attached print screens (2). The thing is that URL:s are working on other pages/templates, so I guess the problems is related to the Article template(?) Thanks!
I think the color like plain text but it still available as a link, you can click on that. If no, please send us your URL and admin account. We will check and fix it for you. Thanks!
Hi Jimmy It seems like no html tags from the editor is working on the front-end, for the Article template. I tried underline, bold, color, a href etc. I send login to your support address, thanks!
Fixed on your site.

Hi, I do have the same problem - what can I do?