The  images of the article aren't well displayed 


for exemple in the article if i put a portrait image 


in the home display


in the footer



i used a portrait image to show you the distort but the problem is the same with e landscape format.

Do you have a solution abut that ?

no answer ?



could you fix this template bug for displayed images ?

Hello itool,

Could you give me your site URL which I can help you check it.

Thank you.

The website can't be seen by others people out , it is secured, but i didn't change anything , so if you try on your demo website you shold have the same problem

You can see the problem in the DEMO itself

You resize the page and clearly see that the guy image is compressed and does not keep ratio

Any fix?


I have just replied on your ticket.

Thank you.

which tichet ? i only made this post what was the answer ?

From the developer: "To fix problem with image skew, you open sites/all/themes/orane/lessc/shop.less file, go to line 21 and change the image height from 400px to auto value."