AJAX Pager not working with Nevermind


I am using a view with AJAX pager and enabled AJAX in the view. This view works on standard drupal theme bartik but not your nevermind theme. The developer I am working with checked it and said that most probably something with your theme is not correct done, some best practices of Drupal prbably have not been followed. You can see that the Ajax (even though enabled in the View's configuration) is not working when using nevermind by noticing that the page is reloaded every time an option in the pager is pressed (if Ajax was working, the page would not reload but the view's new data would be loaded asynchronously).

There is a link about a similar discussion here:

Could you please check this?

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why can you not answer bug reports? Why does it need each time several mails?

Hi forestnewuser,

We are sorry for late reply.

Please open file sites/all/themes/druaplexp/template.php then replace code below in the drupalexp_pager hook

return '<h2 class="element-invisible">' . t('Pages') . '</h2>' . theme('item_list', array(
                'items' => $items,
                'attributes' => array('class' => array('pagination pager')),