Additional file types in portfolio

I would like to include file types other than images in the portfolio. At a minimum it would be nice to be able to just have videos instead of images. Any suggestions on how to accomoplish this?

It's been a week. If it isn't possible to do this, I need to know that so I can make other arrangements.




Hi Jack,

You can easy to add new field (media field) to portfolio content type. Please see the article content (blog) for example.

Thank you.

Was there suposed to be a link in that response? I'm not sure where you're pointing me. 

And thanks so much for responding. I really do appreciate it.

For those keeping score at home: I have added the media field and it shows up in the Admin pages but will not show up in the two column portfolio or on the portfolio page itself. Tried a bunch of stuff but not having any luck with the videos showing up.

Ok, its been another week with no response. A little help please? This one last thing and I can launch the site and be done with it.

Jack, i dont work for these guys, but i have purchased the theme and done a ton of mods to it. could you be a little more specific in what it is you are trying to do and maybe i can help you out.


From what i can tell what you are wanting to do is add things like video and stuff to your portfolio


What you need to do is go to admin>>structure>>content types>>portfolio


then replace the "images" field under manage fields to "media" then also in the manage display.

That is what I did but the videos do not show up here is a test video page with a youtube video on it.

And here there is a reference to that page (Firebug to see it), but, again, no video showing up.