ZAP - Multi Concept Creative WordPress Theme

Theme crash when activate plugin


When i install plugin, all is all right. But when i activate Woocommerce, slider revolution or WPBakery Visual Composer all wordpress crash. I don't understand what's happened. Can you help me ?

Car Dealer theme is not for WP?

Hi, i just bought this theme, before theme installation, my wordpress4.5.2 is running well, but after theme was activated,both frontend and backend all down. Why?

my domain:

Multiple upload images


I would like to ask you about this theme:… 

Is it possible to add multiple upload for images in this administration section: Car Dealer >  Add New > Interier / Exterier Gallery after click on (+) I can choose only one image but I would like to make multiple selection.


Thank you very much,


Trust - Lawyer & Attorney Business WP Theme

Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to disable all animation in the theme Trust - Lawyer & Attorney Business WP Theme (theme listed @ code canyon). I would like to purchase a license but I'm not sure if this can be done (as reuqired by my client).

(Sorry, the theme Trust - Lawyer & Attorney is not among the availbale forum title, so I posted it here)



I have a problem with my new theme.
I install the theme, and you see this string:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ')' in /membri/lickmyflyer/wp-content/themes/eduharvard/inc/dynamic/dynamic.css.php on line 132


and same error for static.css

I checked the original list, and is similar to the listing on the server.
I'm on a server altervista

I can not install the theme even on other servers.


Car Dealer installation error


After installing Car Dealer wordpress theme, Error 500 appears. No preview, no access to wp-admin, no site displayed... Nothing works. I ahve to delete the theme folder to get back to my site with another theme.


Zap Subtheme not inheriting from Zap base theme for Drupal 7

Zap for Drupal 7 comes with a handy zab_sub directory that can be used as a subtheme in case you want to make CSS changes, template overrides, or add your own preprocess functions and avoid having them removed when downloading updates to the base Zap theme. When I enabled the subtheme, most of the style and layout settings were missing from my pages. It turns out the subtheme is inheriting from the drupalexp theme not zap.

500 error (WSOD) when enabling Zap theme for Drupal 7

I figure this may help someone out. I was receiving a 500 error and white screen when enabling the Zap theme for Drupal. Apache rewrite was on, overrides were allowed in .htaccess, and limits were set appropriately in php.ini. I eventually logged in as the admin with drush uli and found out through the status report that I needed cURL on the server:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install curl libcurl3 libcurl3-dev php5-curl

sudo service apache2 restart

Pet Theme

Hello, how do I remove the link from the images in the gallery page ? you can only leave the zoom function? I speak of the theme Pet. Thanks

Soporte plantilla lucian

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