ZAP - Drupal Theme

admin thema adminimal - drupalExp shortcode button, ck editor

We prefer to work with the Adminimal admin thema.

The drupalExp shortcode button doesn't seem to work with this theme (not a correct popup). Is there a solution for this problem?


p.s. (solved part of it with js but that wasn't a complete solution)

ZAP System Icons & Mobile Menu Icon Missing

I hope you can help me with this. It's causing a lot of anxiety and I can't find the reason. I've tried all kinds of things and no solution. This is the problem;

The system icons like the "top of page" arrow at the bottom of pages, the "next" and "previous" slide arrows and most important the bar menu in mobiles do not show. Instead you get a Chinese character or some squiggles.

The strange thing is if you log in to the site as a user the icons appear and stay on even after logging off.

call to google fonts in http


  My webiste is in https.

  there is a mixed-content error, because the call to google fonts is made over HTTP and not HTTPS, in the file /sites/default/files/drupalexp/zap/css/style-[*].css

  If I change it directly in the css file, it's ok, but this file is regenerated every time I change something in the "appearance" menu, so my change is erased.

  Can you tell me which file I need to edit to switch this call to HTTPS, permanently ?

  Thank you !

Anchor is ZAP not working

On  some pages I want to work with anchors

e.g. <a name=“anAnchorName”></a>

and on another page jump to this anchor with a link
<a href=“pageWithAnchor#anAnchorName”>link</a>

For some reason this doesn’t work in the zap theme (tried it in a fresh install) and with different browsers.
The link does nothing (not even link to a 'page not found’).

Any idea how to solve this

Commerce login


on commerce sql base admin, admin login won't work.

Please send me correct login info.


Blend Multipurpose Drupal latest version query

Have you released the latest version of  in Drupal 8?


Please answer us, as we are waiting to purchase on confirmation.


We need the theme supported in latest version.








Demo theme - no graphic and css loading

Hi there,

I tried to install ZAP theme with the demo. I went through an instalation successfully, but if I load the page in browser, it takes long long time and there are no graphics and no styling, just plain text.

I checked the code and I am not able to open anything in folder sites (no css, no js, no image ...).

Please, would you mind helping me with that issue?

Webpage address:

Thank you in advance,


Zap theme in drupal 8

Hello DrupalExp-Team,


I'm interested in the Zap-team. For the moment we have a drupal 8 config running on our servers.

Is Zap Drupal 8-ready? If so we will buy this theme.




Versions of jQuery


There is a new Drupal core version 7.50 but the versions of jQuery and php doesn't work.
What can i do ?


Frontpage templates not loaded

I just downloaded and installed the Zap theme, I added the profile to a new Drupal 7 install.  When the new install comes online I'm in a standard theme, when I change to Zap, there is no content on the homepage.  Other themes have had the demo content loaded with a variety of preset designs.  How do I get the demo content to load in the theme so I can customize it to look like the product I purchased?