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Dexp modules


I bought three licences of the yamato theme.

Now, after a mandatory upgrade from Media 1x to 2x I have problems of compatibility and major issues.

As an example I cannot edit the sliders anymore. I found this resource:
and understand this is due to the fact that drupalexp modules weren't supporting drupal media 2.x

Multiple Blocks in a Region not Displaying Properly


I recently puchased the Yamato theme and noticed that when trying to place multiple blocks in the same region they display jumbled and overlay on each other. would love to attach an image but not able.

How can this be fixed ??


hello, howw are you, First, congratulation for your theme

i'd follow the steps to install, but I had an error..

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/dima5659/public_html/sites/all/modules/media_vimeo/includes/MediaVimeoStreamWrapper.inc' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in/home/dima5659/public_html/includes/bootstrap.inc on line 3168

my site web is: www.dimassuruguay.com

thanks in advanced..

Keep logo the same size on scroll

Is it possible to keep the logo the same size when the user scrolls down the page and the menu bar becomes sticky at the top (rather than scaling down)? I've tried adding custom CSS to make .site-logo img an explicit height and width, and even added !important to the style rules, but the logo still shrinks.  Any help you can provide to make this happen is appreciated.

Dexp Grid does not work properly on node page

Hi, I am using the Dexp Responsive Grid, and it is not adhering to the configuration I set in Settings. For instance, I want to display 6 desktop columns on the 'Bootstrap=yes' setting, and it only displaying 3...in fact, no matter what I set, it displays 3 columns. I have used this Desp Responsive Grid on other pages (the portfolio page), but I cannot get this to work on the node page when added as a block.

Where is the global header search?

There doesn't appear to be a search box for the global header? Where is it or how do I activate it? I can't imagine there being a site that doesn't need a search in the global header, so I'm sure it's here. Please advise.




Permission to upload images for a role


I added a "staff" role to allow the content manager of the site inserting new content on a site driven by Yamato.

When the user "staff", which has "staff" role, click the "image" button on ckeditor the system correctly open the "image properties" window; but when he click the "browse server" button he gets an access denied page.

I granted to the role more permission than necessary to debug this, but no effect so far.

Se the attached screenshot, please help


Update policy

Hi guys,

I've just installed Yamato - all looks great so far.

One question: what is your update policy for your customisations?

Thanks :)


Images from block doesn't keep ratio

I'm now working on this website : http://yamato.veryriich.com When I go in 366px width resolution with chrome, I can see that images are only width resized, height stay the same so ratio of image is not respected. Can you tell me what's wrong ? To insert image in block, here is my code : [column cols="6" end="1"][/column] Thanks a lot Christophe Bourgois Laxmi Web Agency

Theme errors for package install

I did the full package install after purchasing this theme, and there are some errors in the download. Photos included in the demo site are missing as well as directories and folders. The team photos are looking for the files in a different folder than the default/files folder, and these folders are not there. Currently the theme is trying to pull these images from sites/default/files/styles/team_medium/public/ The demo theme did not come with this folder.