Richer - Multi Purpose, eCommerce Drupal Theme

Purchase Richer of Drupal


I have consulted for the RICHER theme few days ago.

Please tell me how to pay for it?

I'd like to buy a RICHER fro drupal.

Wish reply soon, thank you.

Is the theme named RICHER able to run on drupal?

Hello DrupalExp:

I am very interesting in the theme named RICHER.

But I am not sure it can be install in Drupal.

Could you tell me the answer?

And I have 2 questions about the theme:

1. Dose this theme integrate a membership model? Where can I find the hot point of "Register/Log in"?

2. Dose the theme integrate any pay method?

Which you reply soon, thank you.

Best regards.

Search button (magnifying glass) doesn't respond to clicking

I'm trying to perform a search and i am able to enter a the text I want to search on. But when i press the button to search nothing happens.  I am able to press enter. But I would like to be able to click the magnifying glass.

showcase teaser view


I am using your them Richer and I am trying to change the layout of the showcase teaser view.

Please can you get in touch with me, so I can discuss this with you further.

Kind Regards


Layer Slider not working

My layer slider suddenly stopped working and i have no idea why. it just shows a blank space and nothing happens.

I tried almost everything.

Can you guys please help me?

Thank you!

Column Offset

How do I set a column offset using your shortcode? Bootstrap uses "col-md-offset-2" to move columns on a page within the grid. I see nothing in documentation to resolve this. This is very important to my design.

Map Marker


How can I change the Map Marker? I've been looking all over the code but I can't find any reference to marker.png to change it to my own icon...

Kind regards,


Assign different Header layout and Background color

How do I set "header 2" as my default header for all pages and a custom background color? I tried using "header-color" in the Custom class field, but it has no effect.


Please, add me to your skype to advise me on how to apply css to a section, region or block and/or update the stylesheet with LESS; and make the refund for the RICHER theme I bought by mistake . THIS IS NO ACCEPTABLE you take the money and don't write or say a single word to your customer trying to contact you for several weeks.

removing twitter block brakes slider


when i remove the twitter block in the footer, the slider disapears.

When i put back the twitter block, it appears again...

what am i doing wrong?