Organic Food - Responsive Drupal Theme

LayerSlider not compatible with Media 2.x ?

Hi, we purchased Organic Food over 2 years ago. Our original version came with dexp_layerslider

What used modules in Organic Food theme


I want to modify front page.

but I have not seen even once in the form block below.


No Blog settings in Appearance


Can I allow comments to blog posts?

I can't see the item Blog settings in Appearance/Settings/OrganicFood

Menu not centered vertically

When adding a logo that's higher than the default logo, the menu is not centered vertically, but moves to the top. Is there any fix for his?

Thank you!

Bug report: DrupalExp menu doesn't show

We just purchased the theme on ThemeForest. Tried to install (following the installation instructions/documentation). First tried to replicate the demo install (difficult due to no comprehensive documentation, some errors in the packaging, no sample SQL file). The DrupalExp menu never showed up, even though the Layer Slider menu did. Then I installed the profile install into a MAMP sandbox. There the DrupalExp configuration menu appeared!

page.tpl.php override for colorbox-node

Hi there. I purchased your theme....great work so far. My problem is that I can`t figure out where the regions of the theme are rendered for the page.tpl.php. I my case I want do display some nodes in a colorbox-node overlay. This works so far, but the scrolling bars for the content are not working. I think this can have something to do with the sticky header of the theme? Whatever what I want to to is to render the header with the logo inside the colorbox-node content to make the content scrollable under the header. Colorbox per setting should render ALL regions in colorbox-node. But some

Navigation block and Main menu problems

Hi all, I've been building up my site content but have been getting stuck with my navigation block contents not displaying my main menu correctly. What I see: Linked dot-points, left aligned not in any button format.

Slider Image Alt Text

Is there a way to assign ALT text to images in the Drupalexp slider?

New version released

Dear users, We have released new version of Organic Food theme today. - Update Drupal core to latest version 7.32 - Update all contribute modules to latest version. - Update DrupalExp framework. - Update Dexp LayerSlider. - Bugs fixed. Download latest version here.

Layer Slider & Menu has browser incompatibility

Hi, I have used Organic Food Drupal Theme default menu but when I had tested menu on Safari browser on my macbook air while sliding down to page menu goes left and then again comes at default position no any special effect applied, even I had checked same menu of website which is using same drupal theme & giving same issue.