NeverMind- Multi Purpose, eCommerce Drupal Theme

AJAX Pager not working with Nevermind


Remove the style selector gear icon from the pages

Hey guys, finally getting done with the fine tuning of the site. VERY NICE THEME BTW. But i am having one last problem that i cannot seem to find anywhere in the documentation, and was unable to find in the CSS either.


I am trying to remove the "style selector" gear icon that give the options to change the layout from the pages. I dont mind seeing it when logged in as an admin, but i dont want my guests to see it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Not recognizing paragraph / line breaks

I have been messing with this theme for 4 days now trying to figure out why it will not publish the paragraphs as they are typed.


I have checked the source code and the <p> html is displaying in the editor

I have checked, Administration » Configuration » Content authoring » Text formats » Full HTML to ensure that the Convert line breaks into HTML (i.e. <br> and <p>)  is checked.

I have tried installing WYSIWYG linebreaks

Additional file types in portfolio

I would like to include file types other than images in the portfolio. At a minimum it would be nice to be able to just have videos instead of images. Any suggestions on how to accomoplish this?

How to add an additional parameters INCREMENT STEP, START FROM and COUNTER SPEED to short code ?

Could you please help me to add an additional parameters INCREMENT STEP, START FROM and COUNTER SPEED (in millisecods) to shortcode [stats timer='1' number='5809755' class='']CONTENT[/stats] to be able to manage separately speed of each counter and increment step? 

For example:

Users cannot empty/delete values in fields


 By coincidence we found out that users cannot remove content from fields. For example we have a content type with address, city, phone etc. If for example the user creates a records, saves it and later edits it, he cannot empty the fields city, phone etc. Whenever he clicks in the edit field then current value disappears. Then he leaves the field and the value is there again. Naturally he could enter a space, but no user will have this idea because it is completely against any common gui rules.

Changing the output style of blog articles

After buying this theme, I noticed that the blog articles are displayed in a format that does not recognise paragraphs also the picture output is using the preview style. I am unable to find a way of changing this output such as reducing the size of the picture and creating paragraphs.

How to change the Drupalexp template for portfolios

I purchased this template, I noticed there are various nice templates for portfolios, but I am not able to change the default template used to another one. Plus I was also unable to remove the display of certain fields such as project url, client etc.

Sharethis module not working with this theme

I purchased this theme, but after installing the drupal share this module it does not seem to appear anywhere on the site.

How to use the provided views

Hi As per our discussion on skype this morning I share some take-aways with other users until you complete the documentation. Dexp Responsive Grid Is a grid based on bootstrap. It can be more ore less be used as any other views. When simply showing some fields, then no styling is needed in LESS (CSS) or any template Dexp Portfolio With this view it is possible to create a masonry grid and add filters.