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drupal exception theme

drupal exception theme

  Dear All,   I would like to buy drupal exception theme . but it's seem it's not longer available Can You please help me for this problem ?


Hello, I think I have a problem with the theme or wordpress platform, I think it may be because I use wp 5.3 and ftp is required is lower, I can do?


this is what I get when activating the theme:

Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /home/automunchen/public_html/wp-content/themes/cardealer/inc/template.functions.php on line 650

Menu breaks on upgrade to ctools-7.x-1.10

To fix the main menu after upgrading to ctools-7.x-1.10.tar use this patch from https://www.drupal.org/node/2645612


Commerce Issue

I am having an issue with the Commerce/Product Display.

Product SKU 0001 with Attribute: Color: Red -- Size: Small
Product SKU 0001 with Attribute: Color: Red -- Size: Medium
Product SKU 0002 with Attribute: Color: Blue -- Size: Small (etc)

I then have a Product Display for "T-shirt" where I include both products.

Masonry blog issue

If the size of a masonry blog item is slightly larger than the item alongside it, it pushes the next item down a space. You can see the effect at http://demo.drupalexp.com/exception/blog-grid-rsb?page=1 or in the attached image

Can you provide a fix?

Masonry blog - image style

How can I set up an image style for the masonry blog style that will scale and crop the image. The curent style scales the image to the correct width, but does not crop the height.


Problems with overriding strings

I am working with "EXCEPTION" the first time. A beautiful theme, but it appears, some functionalities of standard drupal-7 themes have somehow been deactivated.

Can somehow help me replacing the "Read more" text of the teaser texts listed in a display "Blog Medium L-Sidebar" in a view? I even installed the "Read more control module", nothing helps although I could replace this string in other drupal 7 themes easily.

username and password

Sorted all problems except i guess portfolio does not appear on homepage




Problems intalling theme


Recently bought the Exception theme and it looks that i cannot handle installing it.

Followed all instructions on documentation and now it gives me an error.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function webform_menu_to_arg() in /home2/dragos/public_html/wisermedia.co.uk/includes/menu.inc on line 814

So, what i have done is,

Basic setting of the theme (colors and text)

Hey guys, great work with the theme right there! Love it!. My next question is actually comprised of two questions:

question 1:

When I bought the theme I understood there are 2 fundamental\basic color styles for the theme: dark, and light. Moreover, while the theme in my own site is natively light, the live example I can see here, seems dark:


How can I acheive that im my site?

question 2: