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dexp menu problem on small screens


I am using dexp menu with Drupal 7 and after updating other modules, I found that the small screen menu is always dropping down and cannot be hidden.

Any ideas how to fix it? See below


When LayerSlider Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2

In my frontpage I have a Slider with dexp_layerslider version 7.x-1.0-beta

And outputs this warnings:

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array a ctools_process() (línia 763 de /.../www/profiles/drupalexp_organicfood/modules/contrib/ctools/ctools.module).
Warning: array_unique() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given a ctools_process() (línia 763 de /.../www/profiles/drupalexp_organicfood/modules/contrib/ctools/ctools.module).

What can I do ?



On desktop the PORTFOLIO ITEMS show four boxes, but on mobile only the first is shown.

Is there a way to force the template to stack this so that we still see all four on mobile, one below the other?


Dexp Responsive Grid - UI Values Not Passed

In the Orane theme, I am trying to use the Dexp Responsive Grid style in Views and the field in the settings for "Row Class" and also "Margin" are not being rendered/passed through to the output.

The class in the "Row Class" is not being added to the output, anywhere and the "Margin" has no affect on the output, no matter what is put in there.

Masonry Image Style

I'm using Blend theme of Drupal. I need to change the image style used for masonry view. I tried to change the style from display management of the content type, but doesn't change. Have I need to modify the php files of the template? How?
Thank you

Creation of new type of material

Hello! Tell please how to add new views чтобыло in the same way http://prntscr .com/9nrs9l? 1. I add new type of material, 2. I add the field IMAGE - the conclusion looks so: http://prntscr .com/9nru70 there is somewhere an instruction?

gmap shortcode incomplete



It looks like this shortcode offers more features than the Javascript implements. Below you find my diff to improve your JS (dexp_gmap.js):


DrupalExp gmap module conflicting with Drupal core login username label


after hours and hours of debugging I was finally able to pinpoint that DrupalExp gmap (7.x-1.0) module conflicts with Drupal core user module which is unable to display username label on login forms. After disabling gmap module the username label reappeared. Any plans fixing this and is there another workaround than disabling gmap module?


DrupalEx and Internationalization


Default Path of Block Animation Images

Hi, In Drupalexp Block Settings I have uploaded Background Images for different blocks. I would like to reuse my uploaded Background Images with other blocks. If I upload an image, its gets stored as expected in the Public file system path "sites/default/files". When I want to reuse the same image in a different block and click the "Select Media" button in the Block Animation area, I do not see any of my uploaded images. It looks like the default path being used by DrupalExp for displaying the Library images is "sites/default/files/styles/medium_blog/public". Is it possible to change the Li