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Multilingual site with RTL

I have installed all the necessary modules required for language handling - i18n, locale, etc. - and have added an RTL language (Hebrew) to the site. Then, I created a 'Basic' page and made sure to mark its language as Hebrew. When I view this page, I expect the theme to pick up the fact that this page needs to be displayed right-to-left. However, in fact, the page is displayed as LTR. Can you please tell me how to set up the theme to support mixed language directions on the site?

Portfolio Content Type Missing after installation

The theme and demo site seemed to install completely and correctly, but now that I have gotten to the point that I want to use the "CHECK THE PROJECTS WE WORKED ON" section on the homepage, I have found that a content type did not get installed. When checking the asssociated View, the content type for filtering is blank. Here's the error message I receive when I attempt to edit any of the related nodes:

use of Layer slider on another themes

Hi. I bought craft theme. but for some reasons i want use of layerslider on another theme.

i install it on fresh drupal. create a slide and show it on content region. after see my page i ger this error:

Create Multiple Photo Galleries (...from the masonry view)

Hi....Love the theme...excellent work... Anyway, I require multiple Photo Galleries ( on multiple pages, based on the masonry gallery ) and was hoping you could possibly list the steps, to help guide me through. I only have a basic understanding of views, (so I apologize for having to ask...) but my guess would be that I need to clone this view and then... ???? ( change something, but not sure what ???) Again i apologize for my lack of knowledge but hope you can help me set it up. Thanks so much, CropdusterXX

CRAFT issues

I have just installed CRAFT. I am unable to see the button class for shortcodes. Everyting else seems OK. Images are not showing at all when created through products. The images are present in the product itself but the product display, gallery doesn't. Please advise urgently.

There is no Craft Theme topic in this forum

Please start one. Thank you.

notice on cart page on craft theme

Hi. after install commerce add to cart conformation and add a product to cart. in cart page i see bellow error Notice: Undefined index: commerce-add-to-cart-confirmation-alter in drupalexp_status_messages() (line 18 of /mydrupal/sites/all/themes/drupalexp/includes/

Craft Theme

Beautiful theme! I want to make Home-Shop my default theme. I've read the instructions, tried numerous things, but I'm coming up empty. Any clues? Dianne