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Dexp layer slider and media 2


I understand you have new version of dexp_layer slider which works with media2.x. I am stuck with layer slider as it throws fatal php error


Error: Call to undefined function media_attach_browser_js() in dexp_layerslider_edit_sliders() (line 308 of /home/cpdtest/public_html/sites/all/modules/drupalexp/modules/dexp_layerslider/dexp_layerslider.module).


Can you please provide me the updated layer slider.


make corporate-home-page as default page

Dear technical support,

i have some issue regrding Corpos theme in my website

A- how to make corporate-home-page as default page ?

Stretched images in the blog slider

Hi, i want to use the coporate home.

The images are stretched in the slider. 560px × 400px (819px × 400px)

Thanks for solution!




Stop menu animation

Hi again.

is there a way to stop the menu animation?i checked the block animations and is set to none.



Where can i change the default fonts?Do i have to change the custom.css or is there another way?

Error when i create a new taxonomy


i have the following error when i create a new taxonomy

FieldException: Attempt to create an instance of a field field_files_category that doesn't exist or is currently inactive. in field_create_instance() (line 476of /___/___/Sites/devdesktop/____-dev/docroot/modules/field/

any idea what is going on?


Custom CSS


can you please tell me where to add custom css?

I tried to find the file custom.less at /sites/all/themes/Corposs/assets/less but i can find it.

Is there another way?


Colors change without effect


I found more things not working:

1. I set “Heading color” in the preset settings to another color and save it. It has no effect on the heading color

2. I change Base color and save it. But change is lost and not saved

Furthermore it would be good to know where you apply base color and where opposite base color?

For example the brown background color of the menu, where can it be changed?

In the boxed version we have a background around the boxed area: Where is this background defined?

best regards

Errors after updagint to Drupal 7.37


I updated my website with the corposs theme to Drupal 7.37.

Now my log is full of errors like this:

Notice: Undefined variable: action_links in include() (row 38.......sites/all/themes/corposs/templates/region--content.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: tabs in include() (row 36 von ......sites/all/themes/corposs/templates/region--content.tpl.php).


And more.


May I ask you to check and resolve this asap?



Bugs and Questions

1. Menu on Ipad does not work

I bought now this theme and installed it (full installation) on my server and did some tests. I found one serious problem: The menu on ipad (vertical view) most of time does not work: I try to click on sub-menus and most of the time the page is not loaded. Beside this, the sub-menus on ipad are very user-unfriendly and can hardly be clicked on. Furthermore, on ipad, the “busy loading symbol” is show endless, seems like the page is never fully loaded.