Will There Be a Migration Path From 8 to 9 For Themes Built on DrupalExp? If so, When?

Hi, we are currently in the process of Migrating a site built on Jollyness from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. Ulimately, we want to move that site to Drupal 9.

We would like to use DrupalExp theme like Drupal Nation or Drupal Benz. However, we also want to ensure that if the theme is not Drupal 9 ready that we can at least have an upgrade path as the site is quite complex, (it uses Domain Access modules) we do not want to completely rebuild the site because of the theme.

Are Drupal 9 versions of the DrupalExp themes and feamework planned and if so, when will they be released.

Thank you.

Are you guys plannjing to develop for Drupal 9?