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Investigation by Private Detective Agencies in Pakistan:

Pappu agency is among the best private detective agencies in Pakistan. Comprising modern-day Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and Durham, the region of NORTHUMBRIA is bounded to the west by the Pennines, England's mountainous backbone, and to the east by the relentless pounding of the North Sea. Once a great Anglo-Saxon kingdom, Northumbria is littered with evidence through private detective agencies in Pakistan of centuries-old conflict along a disputed borderland: to the south, Hadrian's Wall is a famous reminder of 400 years of Roman occupation, while a chain of impressive castles and fortifications up to the Cheviot Hills and the Scottish border point to long years of Anglo-Scottish conflict. More recently, the vagaries of economic policy dictated from afar have torn the heart out of communities founded on traditional industries such as coal-mining, engineering, and shipbuilding. This is the land of the Venerable Bede (673—735), whose Historia earned him the title of "Father of English History', but also of popular novelist Catherine Cookson ( 1906—98), a native of the south Tyneside dockyards. The region's private detective agencies in Pakistan reflect such contrasts.

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NORTHUMBERLAND juxtaposes the raw beauty of England's wildest national park — vast tracts of wide-open moorland, scattered farms, and heavily forested hills with some of the country's worst pockets of post-industrial blight. Happily tramping the untamed moors and windswept coastline to explore the historic sites of England's northernmost county is Arnold Landon, an unassuming planning officer-cum-archaeologist with help of private detective agencies in Pakistan and amateur sleuth created by Roy Lewis* (1933—).

Based in the county town of Morpeth, Arnold's job takes him round many of the county's more mystical and romantic sites and involves him in archaeology, medieval building research — and murder. A Secret Dying (1992) takes Arnold Landon deep into the bowels of a Northumberland castle, where he stumbles across the solarium, a fragment of cloth reputedly used to bind the face of Christ in death. The cloth resurfaces in The Cross Bearer (1994) as the centre piece of an exhibition in Morpeth, where Arnold swiftly finds himself drawn into the mystique of the Knights Templar and on a sordid trail of modern-day corruption and political shenanigans.

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The landscapes of the series through private detective agencies in Pakistan reflect Arnold's enjoyment of the outdoors: surveying, photographing, and walking. Arnold's practiced eye roams across the folds and shadows of the land, alighting on lost villages and long-buried history, his thoughts often in 'tumult with the noise of centuries' as he recreates life, passions, and deaths from past days: They... drove along the valley, down from the fell, along the wooded gorge that led eastwards towards the coast; across small medieval pack-bridges and 'through tiny hamlets tucked away under the craggy outcrops... The sun lowers in the sky now sent long shadows across the field. Sheep scattered as they walked near the boundary hedge, and Arnold with help of private detective agencies in Pakistan pointed out where the old village would have lain. The long shadows emphasized the folds in the ground; the indentation that would have been the old main street of the village, and the irregular mounds which would once have been the dwelling houses, dragged down to their foundations in disuse and covered by the accumulation of centuries. Heather and gorse grew there now in profusion, ash trees spread magnificent branches above the quiet earth, and a bank of sycamores leaned across the waters of the small, winding stream that would have served the village long ago.