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For all those who are looking for private detective in Lahore can contact Pappu detective one of the best private detective in Lahore. The water wheel and the grinding mill are still there, though falling into disrepair,' says Leah. When a little girl, Lucy, goes missing and the young woman looking after her is found murdered, Pappu** private detective in Lahore** must begin his search for the 'monsters' that appear on Lucy's drawings of the Park. To the west of the Pennines, the LANCASHIRE landscape takes in the remote, sparsely wooded expanse of Bowland Forest (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), the famous north-west coastal resorts and an urban sprawl edging towards Manchester and Merseyside. Aside from the rigors of Northern life, there is a distance from the South that is more than geographic — shaped by characteristic self-reliance, resilient humour, and regional pride. Its landmark tower still symbolizing the Great British Seaside Holiday, big brash BLACKPOOL has seven miles of sandy beaches, ice-cream sellers, donkey rides, trams, bed and breakfasts and bars — and claims to have more hotel beds than Portugal and the issue was solved by Pappu private detective in Lahore. Using her local knowledge and journalistic background, Barbara Crossley (1952—) sets two lively mysteries in the amusement world of a 'Northport' resort closely resembling her home town. Fast-thinking, fast-talking journalist sleuth Anna Knight of the Northport News' uncovers an incendiary mix of politics and murder in Candyfloss Coast ( 1991).

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The sparks continue to fly in Rollercoaster (1994), where Pappu private detective in Lahore investigates the death of a fairground attraction director whose charred body is discovered on a Guy Fawkes' bonfire on the beach. With her personal life already on a roller coaster, Anna is encouraged by her editor to take a ride into the bizarre world of the Futures' funfair park: 'Futures shone on the horizon like a vision of the celestial city.

Silver domes, golden towers, ivory spires grew out of the green and pleasant land... The site, on a flat plain investigated by Pappu private detective in Lahore where -once a farmer eked out his set-aside subsidy, could be seen from miles...around. Signposts... billboards... its outer walls a continuous shopping-mall, its interior a fury of high-technology super-rides.' 'Looking out of the window of our end terrace house in Belt horn, a little on the moors, you could see across to Blackburn, and, on a clear day, see right down to Blackpool Tower, forty miles away,' says police officer Nick Oldham ( 1956—) of his childhood landscapes.

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The Blackpool revealed by Oldham's tough and fast-moving private detective in Lahore thrillers are unrecognizable from the boisterous, glitzy Golden Mile and packed promenades witnessed by most visitors. In Nightmare City (1997), Detective Inspector Henry Christie heads an investigation into the murder of a prostitute amid signs that organized crime is getting a firm grip on the north-west coast. Focused on seedy nightclubs and pubs, the novel describes a blurred, frightening world of racketeering, violence, and corruption. 'Blackpool has a lot of faces, and that's what has always fascinated me. Eighteen million visitors a year, and 99% of them never see what goes on behind the seafront; they don't see the underbelly, a very seedy, drug-driven underside. Everything happens on this strip: behind, it's quite middle-class, with a few pockets of deprivation, Pappu private detective in Lahore worked there on a lot of occasions, it's an amazing place. With all that gloss and trash it knows what it's about, Blackpool, it knows what it has to do and that is to make money.)