How to write a good essay in English. The main part of the text

In the previous article about essays, we detailed information about the introductory paragraph, and, continuing the series of articles with recommendations on writing essays, we want to talk about how to write the main part of the text.

The main body of the assignmentmasters reviews in an essay serves the same function as the supporting statements in the paragraph. In this place of your essay, you develop the topic and argue your position. Main body paragraphs should be organized according to some logical order, such as comparison/contrast or chronological order. Sometimes, depending on the topic, it may be appropriate to combine different types of order.

Logical division of ideas A basic template for an essay is a logical division of ideas. According to this structure, you divide your topic into subtopics and then address each of them in a separate paragraph. The logical division is suitable for explaining reasons, consequences, types and kinds of something, qualities, methods, pros and cons, and the like typical questions that are quite common on exams in any subject. As you can see, this is a fairly universal and logical text structure that is suitable for essays on most topics, so we call it the basic one, and let's look at it in detail.

So, there are 3 keys to writing an essay built on logical division.

Divide your essay topic into subtopics and then address each one in a separate paragraph. Write a thesis statement that points to a logical division. Use linking words between paragraphs to guide your reader from one subtopic to the next.

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