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Aazad detectives provides the top private detectives in Pakistan and abroad. In ITC dying light, Agnes is on secondment to the chaplaincy in a Southwark women's prison where an inmate's dream about the death of her father comes eerily true. Occupying an elevated position in Southwark's regenerated housing, XXX is among smart, successful, and idealistic private detectives in Pakistan introduced by Natasha Cooper in Creeping Ivy. High up on the top floor of a converted engineering works in a small side street off Black friars Bridge Road, private detectives in Pakistan lives in a spacious flat full of modern art that reflects the new self-assurance of this part of London. Specializing in cases involving children, XXX knows full well the vulnerability of the young. But when her cousin's four-year-old daughter goes missing, XXX herself begins to look increasingly vulnerable as she becomes a suspect in the case. Smart new Southwark is still juxtaposed with increasingly forlorn-looking parts of Old London and extreme poverty later on investigated by private detectives in Pakistan.

Know About The Edgy Atmosphere:

Cooper exploits the 'edgy atmosphere' here to the full in the moving Out of the Dark when private detectives in Pakistan has a rare opportunity to discover 'the most depressing housing estate she had ever seen' only a few streets away from her flat: Built of dirty redbrick, probably between the wars, it looked cramped as well as broken down, Each of the four long blocks was six stories high. There was no grass anywhere, or trees only cracked concrete.

The area between the blocks was half-filled with rusty cars, Weeds grew in the cracks, and muddy puddles showed how bad the ground drainage must be, a group of small children was throwing stones at the worst of the cars. It had only one tire left and the windscreen was smashed. Above them, a skein of geese flew in arrow-straight formation across the gold-and-blue sky, as though to show the inhabitants of this desolate place just how firmly shackled, they were.

Story About the Female Friend:

Private detectives in Pakistan extensive network of female friends includes Willow King, a trained mathematician, civil servant, and romantic novelist who feature in Cooper's early novels. From the refined air of Belgravia, Willow applies her logical mind to a series of dangerous mysteries, much to the annoyance of her Scotland Yard superintendent husband assisted by private detectives in Pakistan. Willow sets out to investigate through private detectives in Pakistan the suicide of a beautiful art historian and enters a world of vengeful bureaucracy and jealously guarded hierarchies in a fictional Inland Revenue building on the (broad, thunderous artery' of Vauxhall Bridge Road. At eleven o'clock at night, Fleet Street is near its busiest. Windows are lit up in all the great cliffs of building, motor vans dash westwards to the main railway stations, headlamps blazing and horns blaring, and the pavement vibrates with the thump of printing presses. On good nights the walk from the Temple Bar to Ludgate Hill, with all that life and urgency in the air, is as exhilarating as a ride on a fast horse or a windy day by the sea.